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The Power of Online Video

October 27, 2014 | PERMALINK

“TV watching among all age groups declined four hours a month in the past year, while watching videos on PCs and smart phones increased by more than four hours” – Nielsen: Viewers' Attention Shifting from TV to Video

At ODPN we know that video marketing will continue to rule the advertising and content space online and otherwise. We believe that the best way to get your audience’s attention is to not only tell them what you want them to know, but to show them. By using visuals, voice over, and music you can evoke the feeling you want the viewer to have in relation to your company or product. Here are a couple reasons we think your company should make more of a commitment to producing video content.

Two Many Screens - Too Little Time
We live in a multiple screen world where we are watching multiple things at once. In a world where attention spans are low, and entertainment choices are high, the competition to get an audience’s attention is steep. This is a world where your smart phone or tablet becomes your source of entertainment when your favourite TV show is on commercial break. Or maybe you have even opted to forego TV altogether and just watch your favorite shows online. “There is a viewing-screen transference underway. People are watching four fewer hours of TV and four more hours of digital video than they did this time last year” - Nielsen: Viewers' Attention Shifting from TV to Video

So in a world where TV commercials are being watched less and less, how will you get the attention of your viewers or customers? Marketers need to look to online video as a big part of the equation if they want to really succeed. Many companies worldwide have realized that online video content is where their advertising needs to live. From your web platform to your YouTube channel, online video can be the key to your success.  If a viewer lands on your website and they have a choice between reading text or watching a video, guess which one they will chose. “51% of millennials prefer watching video to reading text with the same information. Forty percent of consumers in older age groups opt for video instead of text” – Businesses Still Aren't Prioritizing Video, Despite Consumer Preferences. The right choice seems clear.

People Love Online Video
Despite this obvious shift to video, marketers still seem to think that video content is not a priority.  In a recent study where more than 1,000 U.S. consumers and more than 500 marketers were surveyed, 59% of consumers showed that they are likely to watch branded video on a business’s website. 71% of marketers agreed that brands should be producing video content. Surprisingly  “75% of marketers say that producing video is not a priority for their company, with 40% claiming their brand rarely uses video” – Businesses Still Aren't Prioritizing Video, Despite Consumer Preferences

So why is it that everyone agrees that online video is the way of the future, but 75% of marketers say creating it is not a priority? The power of online video can be felt everywhere. We have all been witness to the power of a viral video. Those amazing short commercials, films or homemade jokes that spread like wild fire. Take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge THE ALS ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE as an example. Yes this was not a produced commercial, but it was an online video concept that was created by the ALS foundation team, designed to spread their message through video while also inspiring its partakers to create online video to share on their own person platforms. Brilliant.

If business owners and markets really thought about how they interact with video in their lives, then they might realize that they can’t afford to run their business without it. So if you really think about it, your business can’t afford to NOT create video content. The facts don’t lie. Are you ready to tell your story?

-Sarah Chapman