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Video Production Success Story: The Lost Dogs Home Australia

June 24, 2014 | PERMALINK

If you’ve been on any digital media platform in the past few weeks you have likely stumbled upon Australia’s largest dog shelter, The Lost Dogs Home's viral video.

The Lost Dogs Home is currently Australia’s largest animal shelter caring for over 31,000 abandoned dogs, cats, and other animals every year. As a non-profit organization, The Lost Dogs Home Australia needed an effective way to build awareness and reach potential people to rescue the animals in their shelter. To do this, the organization invested in a great video production project that resulted in their brand being recognized on a global scale and a huge increase in adoptions.

The two-minute long video has been gaining popularity amongst several social media platforms including Vimeo, Facebook, and YouTube. What has made this video one of the most popular animal shelter promotional tools yet? It has differentiated the organization’s ideas, engaged their audience with their creatives, and introduced their new adoption endeavor the “Human Walking Program”.

When their sad “adopt me” advertisements weren’t doing the trick or getting the adoption numbers they needed, the organization decided to change things around. Instead of emphasizing the importance of adopting dogs for the animal’s sake, they decided to reverse the approach by emphasizing the importance of adopting dogs for our sake. This project was aimed at showing how corporate, 9 to 5ers can benefit from adopting a furry friend.

They held an event in a Melbourne park where city workers could come to the park and walk any dog from the shelter in order to reduce stress levels and get active. The end result was hundreds of city workers flocking to the park and letting the shelter’s dogs take them on a walk.

With their innovative idea, all they needed was a way to quickly inform their audience of what it was all about. To share the event, The Lost Dogs Home Australia decided to hire a video production team to document the day. In doing so, they were able to create a video that could be viewed and shared just about anywhere.

The video is truly moving and has been successful not only in Australia but several other countries as well. In our opinion – it won’t take long before the idea of Australia’s largest animal shelter starts to be implemented on Canada’s turf.

This is just one of the thousands of examples of how an organization of any size or industry can benefit from investing in a great video production project. Video production empowers you with the ability to manage your brand and reputation by assuring that your idea is communicated in an environment that you can control and conveys your messages in a way that keeps your customers, partners, employees and shareholders engaged and informed.

Check out The Lost Dogs Home video here:

The Human Walking Program from Jake Barrow on Vimeo.

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