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Canadian’s at the Oscars

January 29, 2015 | PERMALINK


From first glance it may seem like the Oscars is a American only party; that all the best filmmakers come from the US of A. Truth be told, there are a handful of Canadian film talents that are not only invited to the 87th Academy Awards, but are part of the nominee list.

Story Telling and Animation
Canadian Director Torill Kove is nominated for the third time in the Short Film Animated category for her piece “Me and My Moulton”. This fun animated story is an autobiographical tale of a seven year old girl and her modernist architect parents.

“How to Train Your Dragon 2”, one of the most popular animated films of the year, is nominated for Best Animated Feature Film. Many people may not know that these wildly popular films were directed (with Bonnie Arnold) by Canadian Dean Deblois. Additionally, the actor who brings life to the main character “Hiccup” is no other than Ottawa born Jay Baruchel.

Another smash hit in the animation Category was co-directed by another talented Canadian. Stop motion is such an art form, and “The Boxtrolls” which was directed by Graham Annable, doesn’t disappoint. This feature is also up for the Best Animated Feature Film.

Sounds and Stuff
Without sound mixing some of our favourite films would be without their charm, terror or whimsy. Toronto native Craig Mann has been nominated with Ben Wilkins and Thomas Curley for their top notch sound mixing in a favourite of the season, “Whiplash”. This music-heavy feature would have been nothing without the sound that accompanies it.

Movies and Music
The animated film featuring our favourite childhood toy has been nominated for Best Original Song at this years’ Oscars. “Everything is Awesome” from “The Lego Movie” will be performed live at the awards this year by Canadians Tegan and Sarah. Shawn Patterson, who is responsible for music and lyrics, will grace the stage to accept the award if this track is picked for the top prize.

On Set on Canadian Soil
X-Men: Days of Future Past” is nominated for Best Visual Effects this year. Although a Canadian is not responsible for the amazing effects seen in this film, the movie was primarily shot in Montreal, Quebec.

“Interstellar” was one of the biggest movies of the year. This film takes place all over the universe, but for the scenes that took place here on planet earth, the crew headed to Alberta. Alberta’s flat and sometimes dry landscape sure did look like the American mid-west.

ODPN Picks
Our staff is littered with film buffs, so you know we have an opinion on which films and actors will take the top awards. Here are the films that got our votes. We'll see who picked right after the 87th Oscars air on Feb 22nd.

Best Picture
Although there were so many great films this year,
our top pick was a tie between “Boyhood” and
The Grand Budapest Hotel”.
Best Actress
“Still Alice” confronts the struggle and pain that accompanies a middle aged woman as she deals with an Alzheimer diagnosis. We think Julianne Moore will take the top prize for her honest performance.

Best Director
Richard Linklater for “Boyhood” was the landslide winner in our office. Linklater dedicated 12 years of
his life to this film, and we think that should count for something.
Best Actor
“The Imitation Game” has been a topic of conversation in our office for a couple weeks now. We all loved Benedict Cumberbatch’s depiction of Alan Turning, and believe he will take the Best Actor statue this year.